Online Jazz Guitar Lessons

Why Online Jazz Guitar Lessons? These online jazz guitar lessons are designed to help you comprehend basic jazz theory, develop a solid technique and begin improvising in the shortest time possible. No time wasted on things you don’t need. Enjoy the convenience of lessons at your discretion and pace with one of the jazz greats, Larry Koonse.


Larry Koonse on Jazz & Improvisation

INSTRUCTION AT YOUR PACE - There are basically three parts to the way my lessons are structured. There is a section that deals mainly with repertoire, a section that deals with theory and concepts for “going deeper” into improvisation (Beyond the Basics), and a section that deals with basic jazz theory (Essential Theory). The Jazz Repertoire section has very little theory for those of you that just want to learn arranged pieces without dealing with deeper theoretical exercises and concepts.

BEYOND THE BASICS - The second heading called “Beyond the Basics” contains videos that deal with improvisational concepts on specific jazz standards or progressions. I often refer to this section as the “going deeper” aspect in some of my repertoire based video lessons. These videos are saturated with information and should be absorbed at a comfortable pace. For almost every video lesson there are PDFs that cover the information in a concise way with notes on the staff and tablature.

MORE THAN THEORY - The third section (Essential Theory) deals with fundamental concepts that act as building blocks for improvisation. These videos cover a range of subjects (chord/scale relationships, learning how to build chords, ingraining melodic material, etc.) and are provided for those students that want to deepen their improvisational skills. All levels of difficulty are represented in this category.